iPhone Withdrawal


This morning I couldn’t find my iPhone for the life of me.  I was a tad bit in panic mode.  With good reason I might add…I do a lot of my work on my phone.  God forbid I miss an important call!  I was pretty sure that I had connected it to the charger and set it on the bar the night before.  I mean…That’s the last time I remember seeing it.  I started thinking maybe I was sleep walking last night.  No!  I don’t sleep walk, neither does anyone I know.  I couldn’t stay around the house looking for it because I had to drop off my two little ones and make it to my 9 to 5.  By then I was convinced that my husband accidently picked it up and took it to work with him.  Fast Forward to when I get to work….I log on to icloud.com and long behold the signal says that my phone is at home somewhere in my house.  I refresh the screen to be certain, then it says it was on a street over from my house.  Weird, right?  I refresh again and it says it’s at my neighbors home.  Now I’m thinking in my mind…Dang it!  Someone is tossing around my phone…lol  Which leads me to think…How accurate is this “find my iPhone” locator?  After a few more times of refreshing the screen I decide to let it go.  My phone must be at home somewhere!  So as the day passed with images of my iPhone dancing in my head…lol I made it through my day until I got home.  You won’t believe where my phone was…It’s as if it was sleeping all day.  It was wrapped in the covers of my daughters bed.  I failed to mention earlier in my post that I my daughter wanted her Mommy to sleep with last night.  I must have completely forgotten that I took it back off the charger and slept with it.  The odd thing is that I did look in her room this morning (okay, maybe I just peeped) to see if it was there, but I didn’t look under the covers.  My bad!  Hey, I know I’m not the only one who has done this.  After all this, I must admit that it was nice not having to answer texts or phone calls.  Now that I have my iPhone back in hand  I guess I better keep a watchful eye on it so it doesn’t escape again. 😉


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