5 Tips for Preparing for 2014 Taxes!! (MUST SEE)

It’s that time again!  It seems like it was just yesterday when I filed my last years’ taxes.  Now here we are again!  For many people tax time is a great time….Why?  Many depend on their tax refund to catch up on bills, pay off debt, buy a car, drop a deposit down for a new home or etc.  You get the idea.  For others tax season is just a HOT MESS!!  You have to dig up those old receipts… if you didn’t organize them well.  These could be related to donations, gifts, gas, business and so much more. (I’m actually trying to hunt some stuff down myself… ;))  If you had multiple jobs last year, you will have to wait for all those W-2’s and we know that can be a pain.  Businesses know they have a certain deadline to send them out and many of them send them out close to that deadline.  Doing this adds extended time to when you will get your refund back.  That is if you are getting anything back at all.  Which brings me to those of you who never get a refund.  You have to pay out of pocket every year.  I don’t know of anyone who likes to do that! :/  Hey!…You have to do what you have to do, right?

Here are a few of my tips for you (there will also be a link below that includes 5 more tips)

  1. If you have student loans make sure that they are not in default.  The IRS WILL TAKE ALL OF YOUR MONEY TO PAY BACK THOSE LOANS IF  POSSIBLE. (I have seen this happen to someone close to me and it sucks to have money that you were expecting not reach your hands.)
  1. Make sure you gather EVERYTHING before submitting your taxes. (e-file or by mail)  You will have to file an amended return if you don’t….This leads to you waiting longer for money that you could have had already
  1. 2014 has just began….Take steps to be organized with everything TAX RELATED so you can be more prepared next time around. J

As promised here is the link to more tips….


Happy Filing!

-Kiescha Williams


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