3 things I do to get my morning started RIGHT…

  1. Thank God for waking me and my family up (This is VERY important to me!  Being able to have more time to fulfill my destiny here on Earth excites me and I am grateful for that.  My family doing the same is an EXTRA BONUS)
  2. Speak or Yell positivity into the universe (Yes!  It is what you think…..I will speak something like this…”Today is going to be a very productive and prosperous day.  I will complete all tasks that are before me and I will be stress free.”  Feel free to use that or make your own.  TRUST ME!  It does make a difference!)
  3. Eat a good breakfast (Believe it or not…I used to eat a big bowl of cereal (the sugary kind :/)  I am happy to say that I am much better now.  I tend to eat something small (eggs, a burrito or something  not too fatty) instead of loading up on all unnecessary sugar)

There are some other things that I do, but I wanted to keep it nice and short for you.  I like to wake up in a positive mood and the list above helps me do just that.

88242473918999775_nrlHMbdL_f1 (1)


Feel free to share with me what you do.  🙂

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