Save On Summer Camps for Kids

Summer is quickly approaching and many parents (including me) are trying to figure out exactly what their kids will be doing for the Summer.  Some kids may go to stay with relatives or friends.  While many may be going to a camp of some sort.  I am definitely looking into this option.  Many see Summer as a time for kids to play all day because they have been in school all year long.  I agree to a certain extent, but playing ALLLLLLL Summer long is not on my agenda for my little ones.  Don’t get me wrong…I want them to have fun, but I also want them to continue to learn and grow while taking this break from school.  I do not want them to think that just because school is out that they do not have to feed their minds.  A friend of mine sent me a great article about saving on Summer Camps from ABC 13.  It has some great tips and you’ll be surprised to find out that there are many camps that are within your budget.



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