Back to School Family Organization

Once school starts back we all know that life can become a little hectic.  With so much going on, you can get a little side tracked.  I want to help you out before school is back in.

Zulily (one of my favorite sites to shop) is having a great Family Organization sale and the products are amazing!

Here are a few of my favorite products

(click on the pictures if you want to purchase and you will be taken to Zulily’s website):

2015 Mom Planner_Zulily

Mom’s Weekly Folk Art Birds 2015 Planner

I love a good planner!  I don’t want to forget anything, so this one get’s an A+ in my book.  This planner is also available in other designs.  It’s an 18 month planner, so the dates start with July 2014, which means you can start using it right away. 🙂

Black Fluorescent Magnetic Calendar

Black Fluorescent Magnetic Calendar

I also like the Black Fluorescent Magnetic Calendar….Everyone in your household can benefit from this!  Keep track of what needs to be done each day and easily erase to make corrections.  You can use  really cool markers (which you’ll see below) to make each day stand out.  This would be great to post in your kitchen or office.

Black Fluorescent Dry-Erase Weekly Calendar_Zulily

Black Fluorescent Dry-Erase Weekly Calendar

If you prefer to do plan on a weekly basis rather than monthly this cute Black Fluorescent Dry Erase Weekly Calendar is for you.  It’s magnetic, so you can easily affix it to your refrigerator or anything else magnetic.

Dry Erase Menu Magnet

Dry Erase Menu Magnet

 Let’s face it….We all love to eat and it’s great to know what is being served from day to day.  This Dry Erase Menu Magnet is a must if  you don’t want you kids constantly asking “What’s for dinner”.

Fluorescent Fine-Tip Chalk Marker Set_Zulily

Fluorescent Fine-Tip Chalk Marker Set

Now getting to those markers I was telling you about earlier….These come in super fun colors!  They are water based and they wipe off easily.  The colors are really bright and they will make anything you jot down POP!

I could go on and on with other products, but I’ll let you check them out here….CLICK HERE FOR MORE!!

Don’t Hesitate…Get organized TODAY! 


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