Back to School Styles with Gymboree, Crazy 8 and Janie & Jack

*This post contains affiliate links which means that I may receive a commission if you click a link and make a purchase.*

I love dressing my 2 kiddos up in stylish fashions, but doing so doesn’t mean that I have to spend a fortune.  That’s why I love Gymboree, Crazy 8 and Janie  Jack.  They make it easy for me to make my kids look nice without spending a ton of money trying to do it.  That is always a huge plus for me! 🙂

Check out these cute outfits I chose for Kendall and Tre’:

(Like what you see?  Click on any of the images and buy it for your little one)

Kendall’s outfit includes items from Gymboree:

Inspire Me Tee $14.99

Inspire Me Tee $14.99

Grey Cuffed Skinny Jeans

Grey Cuffed Skinny Jeans $12.99

Glitter Bow Skimmers $14.99

Glitter Bow Skimmers $14.99

City Charm Bracelet $9.00

City Charm Bracelet $9.00

Kendall is such a girly girl, so this outfit is all her.

Tre’s outfit includes items from Janie & Jack and Crazy 8:

Linen Roll Cuff Shirt

Linen Roll Cuff Shirt $21.99

Plaid Short

Plaid Short $20.99

Frayed Flip Flops

Frayed Flip Flops $5.99

This outfit is from Janie & Jack’s Safari Prep collection, which is super cute!

It’s a great fit for Tre’…He looks cute in so many colors, this purple is a must!

The shoes are not ideal for school, but great for the weekend! 

Before I forgetGymboree has an AWESOME sale going on


Limited time only!!

Limited Time Only!!

And so does Crazy 8…..

Crazy 8 BTS Sale

Limited Time Only!!

Prices in this post are subject to change, so HURRY!

I would love to hear your feedback, so please comment.


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