1st Day of School

F.Y.I.  I know I’m posting this late…lol

Hi There!  I am super excited and so are my kids.  Monday was the first day of school and I know parent bloggers all over the world will be posting about it.  I won’t bombard you all with pics….I’ll just share the two below, which I’ve combined.

Kids First Day of School 8-25-2014

Kendall & Tre’ before they head off to school…Not my best photography, but it’ll work…Ha!

I was so proud to see them with their new backpacks eager to go and learn new things.   They looked too cute with their school shirts on (School shirts have to be worn every Monday).  You probably think I’m about to tell you how I sobbed…but NOPE…I held it together.  🙂  The kids had a great day at school and of course they told me about the their new friends….Kids make friends so easily!

I would love to hear about your kids first day of school and how you handled it as well.  Did you cry your little heart out?  Did you jump for joy?  Did you relax with a glass of wine?  Whatever you did, I would love to know. 🙂

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