Friday Favorites

Who doesn’t love Friday????  We all wait for this day all week.

I got some cleaning and laundry done. (still not done with the laundry…ran out of detergent and failed to get it when I went to Walmart…lol)

I also watched a few hours of HGTV….In case you didn’t know…I’m OBSESSED with HGTV and any other related channels.  🙂

Any-who….  I’m linking up with other bloggers for Friday Favorites.  For those of you who are wondering what Friday Favorites is….

It’s when you post about your favorite things from the week or just in general.

So let’s get to it!

#1 Dallas Cowboys vs. Tennessee Titans

My Boys won 26-10 on Sunday!  That started my week off right!

 DC vs TT 9-14-2014

#2 Embroidered Dress from Nordstrom

This dress is so cute!  I’m in love with it.

See it up close HERE!

Embroidered Shift Dress_Nordstrom

#3 Nike Fuel Band

This thing is really neat!  I’m waiting for mine to arrive.

It counts your steps, tells time, tracks you sleep, tracks the intensity of your workouts and so MUCH MORE!

Check it out for yourself HERE.


#4 Kendall’s New Wall Art

I found this while shopping today.

When I spotted this, I knew my daughter would love it and I was right. 🙂

That’s all for now…..See ya next Friday!


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