Friday Favorites (October 10th 2014)

Whew!  Friday got here fast!!  I hope you all had a great week!

It’s time for Friday Favorites!!

Here are my favorite things from this week:

#1 Dallas Cowboys vs. The Texans

DC vs TX_10-5-2014

 I’m sure you all knew that this would be my # 1 highlight of the week.  Duh!

Dallas Cowboys are now 4-1!!

I’m loving it!

#2 Scandal

Each episode is getting better and better.

I won’t spill the beans just in case you haven’t watched it.

Kerry Washington was made for the Olivia Pope role.

I’m obsessed!  Are you??

#3 Fall Burlap Banner

I was in Hobby Lobby on Wednesday to get some supplies for a DIY project when I noticed this cute banner.

It only cost a little under $5, so of course it was going home with me.  My kids love it!

It's Fall Ya'll Burlap Banner from Hobby Lobby_10-9-2014

It reads:”Happy Fall Ya’ll”

# 4 Scarves

I stopped by Charming Charlie with a friend on Wednesday as well and if you’ve been there you know everything is color coordinated.

I was super excited because I haven’t visited in a while.  My friend immediately saw a sign that read:

“All scarves 2 for $20”…From that point on they had me.

You can also get this deal online at and they have some that I didn’t see in-store.

October 19th is the last day for this deal, so HURRY!

There were so many to choose from…but I left with the two below.


This is not the best pic….the 1st scarf is Orange, Navy & Tan….the 2nd is Pink, Navy and White…Trust! They are super cute!

Here’s a better picture of the first scarf. It’s called the


That’s a wrap!  See ya next Friday with more good stuff!


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