Weekend Recap (October 11th 2014-October 12th 2014)

Happy Monday!!    

It’s Columbus Day and many of you are probably off, so enjoy!

The family and I had a great weekend!  

Here’s the scoop…..


College Football & Family

 Mississippi State is #1 in West Division….It’s been a long time coming.


My hubby attended Mississippi State so he is really PROUD at the moment.

I’m sure he’ll be sporting a Mississippi State shirt to work this week.

MS vs Auburn


Next, I took the kiddos to Wal-Mart (they picked to go here) to get themselves something.

Their Nana gave them some money and they were eager to spend it.

She actually gave it to them last week, but I made them wait to spend it and of course I had to put a little in as well…smh.

Later, we had family over as well and as usual we chatted, watched tv and enjoyed each others company.

I didn’t snap any pics though. :/  Shame on me!  lol


Pro Football

DC vs SSeahawks_10-12-2014

5-1!!  My Boys continue to keep this smile on my face! 🙂  They beat the Seahawks!

They took down those “Superbowl Champs”.  Ha!  We are on a roll baby and I like it!

Later, I watched Resurrection….This is another one of my favorite shows!

What if someone you lost returned from the grave??  That’s some scary stuff.

Photo Credit: abc.go.com

 Before you go….be sure to get your FREEBIE from Shutterfly! 🙂

Short & Sweet!  

What did you do this weekend??


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