Friday Favorites (November 7th 2014)


I’m joining bloggers Erika, Andrea and Narci, for our Friday Favorites!

My favorite things from this week are:

#1 Chuck E. Cheese Fundraiser Night

The kid’s school always has monthly fundraiser nights at Chuck E. Cheese.

This time around it was for the Music dept.

We love music so of course we went to help raise funds.

#2 Girls Scout Skate Night

Thursday Kendall’s troop had skate night at a local rink.

It was super fun and she got to hang out with many other Girl Scouts…There were over 200 people!

We had a blast and I haven’t skated in years…I fell on my butt once, so I didn’t do too bad…LOL

For some reason my pictures kept coming out a hot mess…This is the best one of the night. SMH.

#3 Tea Collection’s Winter Styles

If you’re looking for some winter  outfits for you little one…I have you covered!

Many families will be taking holiday photos and looking for that picture perfect outfit.

Good News…Tea Collection has it for you!

Schüler Herringbone Vest

Johanna Gilded Sateen Dress

Ready to shop?  Enjoy 10% off your order RIGHT NOW.

Thanks for checking out this post…See ya next Friday!


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