Weekend Recap (November 8th 2014-November 9th 2014)

Happy Monday to you!

My weekend was very busy.


Kendall had a Girl Scout Troop Meeting.  I’m the co-leader of the troop, so I’m always thinking of things that we could do.

Kendall was in charge of bringing the arrival activity for this meeting.  She was very proud about that.

The girls are getting ready for their investiture & dedication ceremony later this month, so we were prepping for that.

If you know anything about Girl Scouts…You know what I mean. 🙂

GS Troop Activity_Nov 8th 2014

Some of the troop enjoying a fun game.

Oh…Let me share with you the cool looking snack one of the parents brought.

It’s Sushi Rice Krispies Treats!

CLICK HERE for the recipe.

Sushi Rice Krispies Treats

Next up, the family and I went to the movies to see Big Hero 6 in 3D.

Let me give you all my opinion of the movie….It was AWESOME!  We all loved it.  The kids wanted to watch it again.

There are some things that we took from the movie that we are constantly using now…lol  Watch the movie and you’ll probably be doing the same thing.

Big Hero 6 ranked #1 overall this weekend with over $52 million in sales!


Sunday was Grrrreat!

I was up and out early because I participated in the MS Walk at the University of Houston.

Myself and a few others were walking on behalf of my friend’s mother  Sandra who has Multiple Sclerosis.

There hundreds if not thousands of people there supporting the cause.

We walked for 1 mile.

I had a great time and can’t wait to do it again next year!

If you’re in the Houston area you should join me, so be on the lookout for a MS Walk post around this time next year.

MS Walk 2014 Crowd Pic

Many people came out to support the cause.

MS Walk 2014 Race Completion Pic

That’s me in the black jacket & green shirt! 🙂

I made it back home just in time for the Dallas Cowboys game.

The Dallas Cowboys broke their 2 game losing streak!! 7-3!!

My husband and I were happy about that.  🙂

DC vs JVJags_11-9-2014

After a good nap I took Kendall to get a pedicure (she’s such a girly girl).

Kendall Pedicure Pic 2_Nov 9th 2014

She was very happy to be in that butterfly chair.

Kendall Pedicure_Nov 9th 2014

Waiting to get started.

Kendall's Pretty Toes

She was watching closely.

Kendall's Pretty Toes1

All pink on one foot with dots and all purple on the other with dots. 🙂

 After getting Kendall’s toes all cute…

We went to Party City….We didn’t need anything, Kendall just wanted to go and of course she found something that she wanted.

Then off to Old Navy and Five Below….The kids love Five Below and so do I.  It’s not bad on your wallet…lol

When we got back home it was time for the kids to get in school mode.

Eddie had already gave Tre’ his bathe, so I gave Kendall hers.

Tre’ wanted to help my shred unwanted mail and papers before he went to sleep.

He loves it and he got paid $1.00 for being Mommy little shredder.

Tre' Shredding Paper

He’s hard at work!

I hope you all had a great weekend…Feel free to share what you did!


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