My Daughter’s Room…The Little Mermaid

I intended on posting this months ago (6-7 months ago)…but it’s never too late….lol

My little princess Kendall is a girly girl!  She loves all the Disney Princesses, Frozen, Bratz, My Little Pony and I could probably go on and on.  LOL…

One day she told me that she would like to change her room to the Disney Frozen theme and I was all for it until…..I searched the net and the prices were outrageous.  (Now they are a little easier to find at better prices) People really are trying to get their piece of the pie from this movie.  I saw prices that no one in their right mind would pay…WAYYYYYY beyond the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.  Maybe I’ll do that theme next if I can find some better deals.

With this in mind I asked Kendall what she thought about The Little Mermaid theme instead and she was ecstatic.  I got right on it and was very pleased with the cost of it all.  You will not believe the bargains I found.  I’ll share them later on in this post. 😉







Kendall painted Ariel on a canvas, so it goes well with the room.

I had to give myself a pat on the back for this re-decorating mission.  It was super fun and best of all Kendall is in love with her new decor, which makes me very grateful to be able to do it for her.

Check out these awesome deals that I was able to get:

The Little Mermaid Twin Sheet Set (Flat Sheet, Fitted Sheet and one Pillowcase)  

Retail Value:  My Cost: $5.04

The Little Mermaid Comforter

Retail Value:  My Cost: $32.99  My Cost: $22.80

Pillow Cover

Retail Value: $2.99  My Cost: $2.28

Bed Pillow

Retail Value: $4.99 My Cost: $2.27

The princess border on Kendall’s wall was purchased on for $11.97 per 15 foot roll (I ordered 2).  They are now on sale for $6.50!!

The sheer purple curtains came from Ross…$3.99 for 2 panels. (It was the last pair….on clearance and exactly what I was looking for)

All other items were purchased from (I don’t have a local Kmart Store in my area :/ )

The quality is great!

 I received free shipping, which always floats my boat!  They also ship SUPER FAST!!!!

 Here’s the tip to getting the free shipping….Sign up for Shop Your Way Max Rewards!

I’m sure I’ll be redecorating her room again this year (probably the Frozen theme), so be on the look out for that.  🙂


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