Friday Favorites (January 16th 2015)

Yayyy….It’s Friday!!!  I’m always glad about that.

Bloggers Erika, Andrea and Narci, & I linking up and giving you our Friday Favorites!

Here are a few of my favorite things from this week.

#1 Boys Wool Coat

I was shopping online (I do that A LOT) at ans came across this really nice coat for my son.

I was actually looking for one and this one was perfect!

It was originally $105, but it’s on sale for 42.99…I used a 25% off coupon and I also received $4.84 back from Ebates…So I only paid $30.06!!!!

That’s what I call a deal!!

Wool Toggle Coat

#2 My son and his thoughts about the new babies???

Tre’ is really a sweetheart…He’s a mama’s boy and just so darn cute!

Earlier this week while getting ready for school he said, “Mom, there better be 2 babies coming or I’m not going to be happy.” He wants a girl for Kendall to play with and a boy for him to play with.  Awwww…My little prince is always thinking of others.  He caught me a little off guard, because it was so random.  I told him that the doctor had already showed Mommy the inside of her belly and confirmed that there will only be 1 baby.  He quickly got over it and said as long as it’s a boy…lol  He actually has a named picked out too, but I need to get more clarification on that.  🙂

big brother

Photo Credit

#3 My daughter and her thoughts about the new baby

Kendall is just in love with kissing my belly and rubbing it.  She talks to the baby too.

She wants me to have a girl and she says that she want to help with everything.

She really wants to help bathe and dress the baby, because according to her she knows how to do those things well…My little Princess is something else, I tell ya!

I just hope when the baby is born that she performs exactly what she says she wants to do.


Photo Credit

All in all I know I’ll have 2 great big helpers!

That’s it for today…Have a great weekend!


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