Friday Favorites (April 3rd 2015) 21 Weeks Pregnant!


I have to admit that I’ve been slacking on my Friday Favorites.  :/

Sometimes I am just too tired to do anything since I’m pregnant.  <—- Yes, I used that as an excuse!

Any-who…lets get to it….

Bloggers Erika, AndreaNarci, & I are linking up and giving you our Friday Favorites!

#1 I’m 21 Weeks Pregnant

Yep!  I’m more than halfway through my pregnancy.

19 weeks to go!!

Karter (yes that’s the baby’s name) now weighs about three-quarters of a pound and is approximately 10 1/2 inches long.

He’s about the size of a carrot.  🙂

Many people keep telling me that the time is flying…

Of course they would think that, because they aren’t the ones carrying my little load. 🙂


#2 Toys R’ Us Bike & Trike Trade In Event

Kendall was in need of a new bike, so this worked perfectly for us.

I just took her old bike to my nearest Toys R’ US and I received $20 off my new bike purchase.

Depending on the amount of the new bike you can get up to $50 off!

If you have an old bike sitting around no matter the condition take it in to get an upgrade.

Hurry this event send Saturday, April 4th.


That’s it for today!  See ya next time!


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