July 2015 Goals

July is upon us and I’m going to share my goals with you.  This is something new that I am going to try to implement on a monthly basis.  Life is about to get a little more interesting, so hopefully I can keep up with sharing my monthly goals.  I find that if you write down your goals and share them, you have a better chance of achieving them.

So here goes….


#1 Complete Karter’s Nursery

I honestly thought this would have been done by know.  We have everything, but still have to get the room painted.

Eddie says that he will assemble the crib this week…We’ll see, because time is flying by really fast.

Karter is due August 13th, so EVERYTHING needs to be COMPLETE this month.

#2 Schedule Any Appointments That Are Needed For Kendall & Tre’

I’m happy to announce that the kids are not due for any checkups at this time.

That’s one thing I can cross off my list. 🙂

#3 Make Sure My Hospital Bag Is Complete

I know exactly what I need to pack, I just need to put it in my bag…lol

I will be doing that this week and putting it in the car.

All I really need to do is pre-wash Karter’s “going home” outfits (yes, there’s more than one…I’m indecisive at the moment) and I’m good to go.

#4 RELAX Before Baby #3 Arrives

This is kind of tricky, because I have 2 other kids who even though they can go bother Daddy, they still bother me. :/

Which is expected, so It’s nothing new to me…lol

I’m going to try to stay of my feet, kickback and relax a little whenever I can.

Once Karter hits the scene it will be on and popping!

Getting up all through the night, feeding and changing the baby. You parents know the routine.

That’s all of my goals for July, I’ll let you know if everything was completed. *fingers crossed*


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