January 2016 To-Do-List

My how time flies!  I still can’t believe it’s 2016!  I’m a mother of three, so there’s always plenty of stuff that I need to get done.  I am a person who has to have a planner to jot down EVERYTHING.

With that being said…Here are the items on my to-do-list for this month.  Keep in mind that these are things that I am aware of at the moment…Things always seem to pop up. :/


  1. Clean out and Organize All Closets.  Lord Help!  I do this multiple times a year.  Especially with my kids closets.  They have so much stuff and as I donate things, they seem to accumulate more.  I blame their Nana.  Lol  My closet seemed to get extra packed last year, so it’s in dire need of a cleaning.
  2. Get rid of some of my things.  I can be a pack rat at times…Not to be confused with a Hoarder.  I really need to go through some boxes and either sell, donate or trash some things.  I’m probably sitting on a load of cash!  🙂  You know what they say….One person’s trash, is another person’s treasure.
  3. Schedule Appointments. There are 5 of us in my household so that means lots of checkups and other appointments.  I will be scheduling appointments that I know myself, my husband and the kids need on a regular basis….Well Checkups, Dental Visits and etc.  By doing this I can go ahead and mark the dates on my planner <– You know that thing I can’t live without.  😉

What’s on your to-do-list for this month?




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