Kidz Bop Fashion Collection at Crazy 8

Crazy 8 and Kidz Bop have teamed up to bring you little ones some of the coolest clothes around. The looks were designed by Crazy 8, inspired by the unique style personalities of each of the KIDZ BOP Kids — Matt, Grant, Sela and Ashlynn. Crazy 8 offers on-trend, age-appropriate looks that kids love to wear at prices that parents feel great about. Everyday, millions of kids and families welcome KIDZ BOP music into their homes and cars, making KIDZ BOP a fun and safe part of their daily lives!

Hurry and shop now! Crazy 8 is offering free shipping now through Nov. 8th!!

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Crazy 8 SUPER SALE: BOGO $0.08 Tees, Fleece, Jeans and Outerwear

I just love myself some Crazy 8!  I alway find really cute items for my kids.

I’m extra excited to know that they are having a huge sale RIGHT NOW!

Buy One, Get One for $.08!  Yes…..You read that correctly….8 CENTS!!

Tees, fleece, jeans, and outerwear are buy one, get one for $0.08 at Crazy 8!
For a limited time. While supplies last.

Hurry and SHOP NOW before it over!!

Meet the Teacher Night

Hello Everyone!  Last night was Meet the Teacher Night at my kids school.  It was packed, but we managed to breeze right through it.  The kids were pretty excited to meet their teachers and so was I.  My hubby couldn’t make it, so it was just us three.  We are VERY INVOLVED parents, so I’m sure he’ll be meeting the teachers soon.


Kendall & Eddie's Meet the Teacher Passes....Allowed us to bypass all the other people who didn't attend  the previous event held at the school. :)

Kendall & Eddie’s Meet the Teacher Passes….Allowed us to bypass all the other people who didn’t attend the previous event held at the school. 🙂


And of course I took pics of my kiddos….


On our way into the school.

On our way into the school.



Our shadows…lol


We ran into Tre's favorite teacher. She's so sweet! :)

We ran into Tre’s favorite teacher from Pre-K…She’s so sweet! 🙂


First stop...Tre's Kindergarten classroom..He loved it!

First stop…Tre’s Kindergarten classroom..He loved it!


They spotted toys, so they decided to play...Of course!

They spotted toys, so they decided to play…Of course!


Get down Tre'

Get down Tre’


Next stop...Kendall's 1st grade classroom...She's excited!

Next stop…Kendall’s 1st grade classroom…She’s excited!


Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!


It took no longer than 30-40 minutes to get everything done…I made sure we bought the school supplies with us, so the kiddos didn’t have to carry all that stuff on the 1st day of school.

Before I go let me tell you about this great sale at Gymboree….I know some of you are still shopping for school clothes…

For a limited time get 20% orders over $100 with the code “HOORAY”

Crazy 8

Back to School Styles with Gymboree, Crazy 8 and Janie & Jack

*This post contains affiliate links which means that I may receive a commission if you click a link and make a purchase.*

I love dressing my 2 kiddos up in stylish fashions, but doing so doesn’t mean that I have to spend a fortune.  That’s why I love Gymboree, Crazy 8 and Janie  Jack.  They make it easy for me to make my kids look nice without spending a ton of money trying to do it.  That is always a huge plus for me! 🙂

Check out these cute outfits I chose for Kendall and Tre’:

(Like what you see?  Click on any of the images and buy it for your little one)

Kendall’s outfit includes items from Gymboree:

Inspire Me Tee $14.99

Inspire Me Tee $14.99

Grey Cuffed Skinny Jeans

Grey Cuffed Skinny Jeans $12.99

Glitter Bow Skimmers $14.99

Glitter Bow Skimmers $14.99

City Charm Bracelet $9.00

City Charm Bracelet $9.00

Kendall is such a girly girl, so this outfit is all her.

Tre’s outfit includes items from Janie & Jack and Crazy 8:

Linen Roll Cuff Shirt

Linen Roll Cuff Shirt $21.99

Plaid Short

Plaid Short $20.99

Frayed Flip Flops

Frayed Flip Flops $5.99

This outfit is from Janie & Jack’s Safari Prep collection, which is super cute!

It’s a great fit for Tre’…He looks cute in so many colors, this purple is a must!

The shoes are not ideal for school, but great for the weekend! 

Before I forgetGymboree has an AWESOME sale going on


Limited time only!!

Limited Time Only!!

And so does Crazy 8…..

Crazy 8 BTS Sale

Limited Time Only!!

Prices in this post are subject to change, so HURRY!

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