Weekend Recap (December 13th 2014-December 14th 2014)

I hope you all had a great weekend.  I did!

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Kendall had her Christmas party at her Girl Scouts Meeting.

The girls had to bring their own choice of snacks for everyone to share.

One of the parents made these cute little Reindeer out of Marshmallows.




Each girl also brought one wrapped gift for a gift exchange…The actually were able to open it right away.






They are also working on their service project, which is making blankets for a nearby shelter.









It’s still Football season, so of course we watched our Dallas Cowboys kick butt…SUCCESSFULLY!!

DC vs Eagles 12-14-2014

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Yankee Candle Giveaway 2014

Friday Favorites (December 5th 2014)


 Bloggers Erika, Andrea and Narci, & I are giving you our Friday Favorites!

My favorite things this week are:

#1 Dallas Cowboys vs. Chicago Bears

After my Cowboys lost on Thanksgiving Day, we needed to come back with a win.

It was an interesting game and I’m glad we came out on top.

Dallas vs Bears 12-4-2014

#2 Random Funny/Silly Pics

So occasionally when I scroll through the picture in my phone I stumble upon the ones that my kids have saved.

Here are a few:


Eddie did this one


And this one…LOL


Kendall is forever doing something silly 🙂


Hi Bunny!


Don’t ask…I have no ides. Ha!

#3 Remote Control Cars 

Many stores were having a Cyber Week Sale and I found these cool remote control cars for a toy drive at FiveBelow.

They were on sale for $2.99!!  What a great deal!!

Cars_$2.99 at FiveBelow

And don’t forget to enter this Giveaway……

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Yankee Candle Giveaway

Have a great weekend….See you next Friday!

Friday Favorites (November 14th 2014)


It’s that time again! I’m hooking up with bloggers Erika, Andrea and Narci, for our Friday Favorites!

Here are my favorite things from this week:

#1 Dallas Cowboys vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Yes!!  I love a win and the Cowboys needed it!

I’m glad that Tony Romo was back in the game.

7-3, 2nd in NFC Eastern Division…

I’m so ready for the next game….Nov 23rd against the NY Giants.

DC vs JVJags_11-9-2014

#2 MS Walk

Sunday I showed my support for MS by walking a mile at the University of Houston.

It was for a great cause and I had a really good time with family and friends

Lots of money was raised and it was a great turn out.

MS Walk 2014 Crowd Pic

MS Walk 2014 Race Completion Pic

#3 Plaid Toggle Coat from Nordstrom

Erika shared this coat in a recent post and I fell in love immediately.

It has the Dallas Cowboys colors, so that’s a huge plus.

It’s on sale right now for $44.90!! Click Here to get it.

I’m ordering now! 🙂



Have a great Weekend…See ya next Friday!

Friday Favorites (October 24th 2014)

Screaming at the top of my lungs….IT’S FRIDAY!

As usual I’m joining bloggers Erika, Andrea and Narci, for our Friday Favorites!

My favorite things from this week are:

(You’ll notice that I didn’t list SCANDAL, because it’s forever my favorite):

#1 Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants

DC vs NY Giants 10-19-2014

My team is just AMAZING me week after week.

This is HOW they are supposed to play!

Dallas Cowboys are now 6-1!!

We’re going for 7-1!!

I’m loving it again!

#2 GE’s Young Women At Work Day Event

I was able to attend a GE volunteer event on Tuesday October 21st.

It was so amazing to be able to help young high school women

realize that they can do whatever they set their minds to.

photo 9

photo 3

photo 5

#3 My Outfit

I wore this outfit to the GE volunteer event.

All volunteers had to wear red tops and black bottoms.

I paired mine with these cute leopard flats, which I L-O-V-E!

This outfit was so comfy and it allowed me to move around freely without any issues.

My outfit 10-24-2014

Short & Sweet!

 See ya next Friday!

Weekend Recap (October 18th 2014-October 19th 2014)

Monday is here!

I hope you all are having a great day so far.


The weekend was great and filled with much fun.


 We started the day off by visiting HALS (Houston Area Live Steamers) in Hockley , TX

It’s ran by a non-profit organization and you get to ride the trains for FREE on Public Run Days.

They do accept donations, so of course we made one. 🙂

If you’ve never been and you live near….Add it to your list, because the kiddos will love it….Adults too!

HALS is located at 17400 Roberts Rd, Hockley, TX (at Zube Park)

CLICK HERE to see the 2014 Public Run Days

Here are a few pics from our visit.


Next Up…The Pumpkin Patch!

The kids were super excited and kept asking about going ALL DAY!

No kidding….I do mean ALLLLLL DAY!

We left with a total of 4 pumpkins..1 for each of us.


The Dallas Cowboys put a whipping on the New York Giants and it was oh so lovely.  🙂

DC vs NY Giants 10-19-2014

6-1!!!! It would be so exciting for them to get to the SUPERBOWL.

Fingers crossed!

Next Up….. Model Home Tours

My sister-in-law and I love to look at model homes (so does my Mom).

We ventured out to Fulshear, TX to Cross Creek Ranch.

Cross Creek Ranch Fall Tour

Cross Creek Ranch has a  Fall Home Tour going on at the moment and you get to see 20 decorated models.

Let’s just say that there was a lot of ooooooooing and ahhhhhing going on.

The homes were AMAZING!

Here are a few pics that I captured from various homes.

Media Room

Dining Room

Master Bedroom….It was so comfy looking…I wanted to nap in it!

Home Office

Dining Room

Master Bedroom

After touring all the homes we were tired and hungry.

However the trip was well worth it.

That’s it!  

I hope you all had a great weekend as well.

Friday Favorites (October 17th 2014)

It Friday!!  I’m doing my Friday dance….lol

I’m joining bloggers Erika, Andrea and Narci, for our Friday Favorites!

This week was jammed packed with some good stuff, so let’s get to it.

Please note that these are not in order…I ALWAYS have to put the Dallas Cowboys first if they get a win. 🙂

#1 Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks

DC vs SSeahawks_10-12-2014

DC won and we didn’t have to go into overtime this time.  🙂

Let’s  just say my household was very happy!

#2 Mississippi State Bulldogs vs  Auburn Tigers

MS vs Auburn

Mississippi State is #1…..This is my hubby’s college so he’s still on cloud 9…lol

You should have seen me during the game….You would have thought I went there too…HA!

#3 My $1 Halloween Decor Find

photo 4 (2)

My son and I visited Dollar Tree on Thursday and we stumbled upon this cute little sign.

At that instance I knew that I would take it home and find a place for it. 😉

It cost a buck and that wasn’t breaking the bank at all, so that was a great find.

# 4 Mommy & Son Time

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)

photo 4

Tre’ had to stay home because he was getting over Strep Throat.

I know this feeling all to well….I had it just last month….UGH!  No fun at all!

Even though her was feeling under the weather, he still kept me on my toes.

We took lots of pictures….many retakes too and the pics still didn’t come out as clear I wanted.

I knew I had to stop, because he told me “Mom, you should have gotten the shot by now.” LMBO…He’s too funny.

#5 Kendall’s Drawings

photo 3 (2)

I love to see what Kendall draws, because it’s so cute to me.

Pictured above is her drawings of Olaf from Frozen, a baby chick and a Cow that is being chase by a bunny.

I love her imagination.  She’s an Artist and I know her drawings will improve with time.

She’s 6 and on a roll…I love my Princess!


photo 1

photo 2

Okay….I don’t claim to be Kiescha Woods, but I did alright Tuesday night at TopGolf.

I’ve been wanting to go and I finally got my chance.

It was a networking event, so not only did I have fun, but I met some really cool people.

You would have thought we’ve known each other forever.

All and all this week was great!  

See ya next Friday for next weeks’ favorites.

Weekend Recap (October 11th 2014-October 12th 2014)

Happy Monday!!    

It’s Columbus Day and many of you are probably off, so enjoy!

The family and I had a great weekend!  

Here’s the scoop…..


College Football & Family

 Mississippi State is #1 in West Division….It’s been a long time coming.


My hubby attended Mississippi State so he is really PROUD at the moment.

I’m sure he’ll be sporting a Mississippi State shirt to work this week.

MS vs Auburn


Next, I took the kiddos to Wal-Mart (they picked to go here) to get themselves something.

Their Nana gave them some money and they were eager to spend it.

She actually gave it to them last week, but I made them wait to spend it and of course I had to put a little in as well…smh.

Later, we had family over as well and as usual we chatted, watched tv and enjoyed each others company.

I didn’t snap any pics though. :/  Shame on me!  lol


Pro Football

DC vs SSeahawks_10-12-2014

5-1!!  My Boys continue to keep this smile on my face! 🙂  They beat the Seahawks!

They took down those “Superbowl Champs”.  Ha!  We are on a roll baby and I like it!

Later, I watched Resurrection….This is another one of my favorite shows!

What if someone you lost returned from the grave??  That’s some scary stuff.

Photo Credit: abc.go.com

 Before you go….be sure to get your FREEBIE from Shutterfly! 🙂

Short & Sweet!  

What did you do this weekend??

Friday Favorites (October 10th 2014)

Whew!  Friday got here fast!!  I hope you all had a great week!

It’s time for Friday Favorites!!

Here are my favorite things from this week:

#1 Dallas Cowboys vs. The Texans

DC vs TX_10-5-2014

 I’m sure you all knew that this would be my # 1 highlight of the week.  Duh!

Dallas Cowboys are now 4-1!!

I’m loving it!

#2 Scandal

Each episode is getting better and better.

I won’t spill the beans just in case you haven’t watched it.

Kerry Washington was made for the Olivia Pope role.

I’m obsessed!  Are you??

#3 Fall Burlap Banner

I was in Hobby Lobby on Wednesday to get some supplies for a DIY project when I noticed this cute banner.

It only cost a little under $5, so of course it was going home with me.  My kids love it!

It's Fall Ya'll Burlap Banner from Hobby Lobby_10-9-2014

It reads:”Happy Fall Ya’ll”

# 4 Scarves

I stopped by Charming Charlie with a friend on Wednesday as well and if you’ve been there you know everything is color coordinated.

I was super excited because I haven’t visited in a while.  My friend immediately saw a sign that read:

“All scarves 2 for $20”…From that point on they had me.

You can also get this deal online at Charmingcharlie.com and they have some that I didn’t see in-store.

October 19th is the last day for this deal, so HURRY!

There were so many to choose from…but I left with the two below.


This is not the best pic….the 1st scarf is Orange, Navy & Tan….the 2nd is Pink, Navy and White…Trust! They are super cute!

Here’s a better picture of the first scarf. It’s called the


That’s a wrap!  See ya next Friday with more good stuff!

Weekend Recap (October 4th 2014-October 5th 2014)

Happy Monday!!  

The family and I had a great weekend.


 I took a morning trip to Wal-Mart for 1 item and ended up on the Christmas aisles.

They just had put the items out and I was so happy.  I love to decorate for the Holidays.

photo 1

I’m in love with these colors!

photo 2

C’mon Christmas Holiday!

photo 3

It just doesn’t end…

photo 4

Door Decor…Wreaths, Wreaths and more Wreaths

Next, I took Kendall to here Girl Scouts Troop Meeting.  I’m the Co-Leader. 🙂

I didn’t take any pictures this time, because I was busy helping out.

Later, we visited a nearby park so the kids could release some of that energy….

Kendall on Monkey Bars

Kendall loves the monkey bars and other kids are always amazed that she can swing through until the end.

Kendall on the slide

Kendall on the slide.

Kendall sliding down the slide

She always has new ways of sliding…lol

The dog Kendall met

Kendall spotted this puppy and played with her for a little while.

Tre' and I

Not sure what Tre’ was doing on this pic…lol

Tre' & I pic 2

He got it together on this pic. 🙂

Tre' on the slide

Tre’ on the slide.

Tre' on the swing

He wanted to get on the baby swing instead of waiting for a big kids swing to be free.

Tre' walking in the slide

He decided to walk down the slide this time. :/


My little man….He wouldn’t let go of that Fire Truck.

Of course they still had a bit more left afterwards…lol

 Later that night we had a family movie night…. Pooh’s Heffalump Movie!



We all enjoyed it.


Football, Family & Fun

DC vs TX_10-5-2014

4-1!!  My Boys did it AGAIN!  They beat the Texans!  It was a little scary at time, but they managed to get that WIN.  🙂

So of course Sunday was a great day as well as this week.

How Bout them Cowboys

Here are a few pics from our Sunday.

This is where you will catch Eddie on Sundays....In his favorite chair, with tons of pillows and a tablet (for his Fantasy Football League)

This is where you will catch Eddie on Sundays….In his favorite chair, with tons of pillows and a tablet (for his Fantasy Football League)


During half time Eddie danced with Kendall….She was playing dress up in her Rapunzel costume. (this is her Halloween costume by the way…lol)




They are too cute!


For the Dallas vs Texans game I thought this wold be a great shirt for Tre’ to wear…He looked too cute it it. 🙂


My little Prince….He’s so handsome!


He was looking at me like….Really Mom! You interrupted my playing…lol


He gave me one last CHEEEESSSE. 🙂


My Princess! She just had to take her 1st pic standing in the chair..smh


Now that’s better Kendall….Mommy doesn’t like you standing on the porch furniture. 😉

Later Sunday night I caught Kendall & Tre’ making themselves comfortable in me and Eddie’s bed.

They had a little fort thing going on with all the pillows…LOL


I fixed them up with some snacks. 🙂

Believe it or not…They still had more energy after the photo was taken.  :/

Soon enough they got in “school mode” (they know what that means when Eddie & I say it) and went to sleep.

That wraps up our weekend!  

How was yours??

Friday Favorites (October 3rd 2014)

Yayyyyy!!  It’s Friday!  I’m linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci for Friday Favorites.

You can link up with us HERE.

 Let’s get right to my favorite things from this week!

#1 Dallas Cowboys vs. New Orleans Saints

DC vs Saints 9-28-2014

 My Boys won for the 3rd time in a row 38-17 on Sunday!  That started my week off right once more!  🙂

The next game is Sunday, Oct 5th against the Houston Texans….. Stay tuned!

#2 Scandal 

Yes this was on my list for last Friday, but it’s still a fav and you’ll probably see it next week too!  LOL

I’m sad to say that I didn’t get to watch it Thursday, so it’s on my To-Do-List TODAY!

I heard it was really good, so no spoilers please. 🙂


#3 Commissions 

Yep!  You read that right….Money in the bank!

I have some extra moolah coming my way and what’s not to love about that!?!

Are you interested in earning some extra cash?  Check out this page.

# 4 Fundraising

Kendall and Tre’ got their 1st fundraiser packet.

As parents you know that the more kids you have the more you have to sell if your kids wants prizes.

Want to help my little ones out??  They would be so grateful!

Click on either of their pics below to be taken to their fundraising site.

Your orders will be shipped directly to you. 🙂


Support Kendall with her Fundraiser!

Tre' 2

Support Tre’ (Eddie) with his Fundraiser!

That’s it folks!  

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.